Designer Rugs

Each rug is a unique piece of art representing layers of storytelling and imagination by local award-winning artist – Jacqui Gibbs Chamberlain.

Strong, bold colours and abstract images overlap, weaving a rich story and creating a compelling, impactful piece of art. A past winner of the highly-esteemed CoCa Award, Jacqui’s works are both timeless and collectable, and are as striking when decorating a floor as they are when hanging on the walls.


As each rug is made to measure these designs can also be produced in any size, texture and shape you require.

Fantail Flying

During her daily walks across the Port Levy Marae, the artist is frequently accompanied by a native fantail, represented in this piece.

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This work is all about contrast, the warm, voluptuous colours inside the poppy in stark contrast to the soft, cream colour of the background.

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Musical Notes

Music is magic - it inspires and invigorates us on a daily basis. In this work, simple shapes blend with strong colours to reflect that majesty.

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Black Barbed Wire

Explores the shapes and forms that make up barbed wire, so harsh in appearance but beautiful and intriguing in its own right.

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A lone sheep wanders across the horizon, an image which perfectly embodies rural life on the Banks Peninsula.

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The Crossing

This work is all about the journey of life and the people whose paths we cross, with strong references to the Beatles’ iconic Abbey Road album cover.

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Land and Sea

Surrounded by sea and land, the 'movement' in this work represents the unpredictable nature of the environment in which we live.

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Birds and the Pohutakawa Flower

Inspired by the vibrant colours and shapes of the stunning Pohutakawa tree outside the artist's studio, and the birds that flock to it.

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Cross Wire

Inspired by the meeting of land and sea that forms the backdrop to
life in the Banks Peninsula region.

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Suspended Wire

A tightrope across a richly coloured green/blue sea, indicative of the fine balance between human life and the natural world.

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Pink Cross

This is a re-imagining of ‘The Crossing’ work, with pinks and oranges speaking to the vibrancy and diversity of life.

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Hydrangea Lovers

Inspiration for this work came from the flowers of the Hydrangea and the ever-changing spectrum of colours they produce.

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Looking down upon sunbathers enjoying the pristine environment of this very special part of the world, carefree and at peace.

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Ever-lasting Love

This work brings together two iconic symbols – a sparrow representing the goddess of love and the peacock which represents immortality.

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