About Us


In 2009 we formed Banks Peninsula Farms Wool Growers Ltd with a common goal: to grow the value of Banks Peninsula strong wool. Our focus is to strengthen our farming community and uphold the sustainable farming practices that will ensure our Peninsula is kept beautiful and productive for generations to come.

We developed the Banks Peninsula Farms brand to give us a distinct voice and capture the story of our wool – how we grow it, take it to market, and the principles and ethics we stand for.

Perhaps the single most important attribute of our brand is traceability. End consumers are able to pinpoint the very farm their wool was grown on. Together with our superior quality wool, and ethical farming practices, the Banks Peninsula Farms brand resonates strongly with high-end consumers.

We see long-term potential to extend the Banks Peninsula Farms brand across other types of produce as well. Whether the product is strong wool, mussels, cheese, beef or lamb. Banks Peninsula Farms will be seen as a mark of quality, sustainability and value. If you would like to discuss this further then please do not hesitate to contact us.

The problem of poor wool returns is ours, as growers. We need to unify.


Like the farmers themselves Jacqui lives here, working from an isolated studio nestled amidst the pristine environs of Port Levy. Employing her distinctive style she immersed herself in the lengthy and intense development process that resulted in the unique designs which grace our rugs. Strong, bold colours and abstract images overlap, weaving a rich story and creating a compelling, impactful piece of art.

A past winner of the highly-esteemed CoCa Award, Jacqui’s works are both timeless and collectable, and are as striking when decorating a floor as they are when hanging on the walls.


jacquiArtist Jacqui Gibbs Chamberlain in her Port Levy studio.